Eco-Pack Lithium Battery Sprayer
Eco-Pack Lithium Battery Sprayer

Eco-Pack Lithium Battery Sprayer

Branch Creek

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  • Ideal for large commercial entrances, long sidewalks and stairs
  • Sprayer and nozzle are calibrated to achieve the recommended rate and spray pattern of Entry
  • Lithium battery powered pressure eliminates the need for pumping
  • Smart Pressure Technology (SPT) ensures that constant pressure is achieved
  • Lithium battery will provide between six and eight hours of life on a full charge
  • Entry can be stored in the sprayer throughout the year
  • 5 Gallon Tank will provide application coverage of up to 2,250 square feet of Entry
  • Built-in Wand Holder and Drip Cup

The Entry Eco-Pack Lithium Battery Sprayer is ideal for larger areas where constant pumping of a sprayer would be overly time consuming.  The Entry Eco-Pack is an ideal sprayer for buildings with multiple entrances, large stairs or long extensions of sidewalk where Entry is being applied. 

The Entry Eco-Pack sprayer is calibrated with the correct nozzle configuration to achieve the desired rate and spray pattern for application of Entry.  The Entry Eco-Pack features Smart Pressure Technology that ensures the pressure in the tank will remain constant.  This ensures that there is no over or under application of Entry.  The Eco-Pack will provide between six and eight hours of battery life on a full charge. 

The Entry Eco-Pack sprayer saves significant time compared to manual pump sprayers as well as granular spreaders.  Maintenance teams love the Eco-Pack for its clean and accurate application of de-icing materials.