Micro Cover Grass Seed (Non-GMO) - 50 Pounds
Micro Cover Grass Seed (Non-GMO) - 50 Pounds
Micro Cover Grass Seed (Non-GMO) - 50 Pounds

Micro Cover Grass Seed (Non-GMO) - 50 Pounds

Branch Creek

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Branch Creek grass seed is your first step to an organic lawn.  Branch Creek seed is thoughtfully blended to excel in both sun and shade allowing you to use one seed across your entire property.  Designed for use in cool and transition zone geographies (See attached grass seed climate zones map).  If your goal is to maintain your yard without the help of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides the grass seed you use is a critical component for the following reasons:

Nearly Zero Weed Seed - The grass seed you buy in stores will always contain some percentage of weed seed.  While the percentages of weed seed on the label may seem small every small percentage of weed seed is going to become a problem that you will struggle to solve.  Branch Creek grass seed contains less than .10% weed seed.

A-List Seed Varieties - Grass seed species are not created equal.  Some are more susceptible to disease, drought and insect infestation.  Branch Creek seed only uses grass seed varieties that meet the A-List standard established by the Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf.  A-List seed varieties are certified to combine high quality turf and require less water, pesticides and fertilizers to maintain.

Microcover - Traditional grass seed blends require fertilizers to feed the turf and herbicides to control the weeds.  Branch Creek grass seed incorporates a proprietary seed variety called Microcover also known as microclover.  Microcover will grow low to the ground and will spread across bare spots to prevent weeds from breaking through.  Additionally, microcover is able to pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and provide nutrients to the soil to feed the neighboring turf grass plants.

Coverage: Apply at a rate of four to six pounds per thousand square feet.  For over seeding an existing lawn we recommend a rate closer to four pounds and for a new lawn we would recommend a rate of closer to six pounds per thousand.

When To Use: All seed will germinate most effectively when daytime temperatures are consistently between 60 and 80 degrees.  Early fall is the best time to seed due to the cooler days, heavy dew and shorter days.

How To use: Recommended for use in cool and transition zone geographies (See attached grass seed climate zone map).  For best results rake lawn to loosen up the soil.  Apply seed and water.  It is important to keep consistently water to keep the seed the seed wet. 

No starter fertilizers are needed when using Branch Creek grass seed.

When Not To Use: Do not apply in areas where a synthetic crabgrass pre-emergent containing ingredients such as prodiamine, pendamethelin or dithiopyr have been applied.  These products will prevent grass seed from germinating.  If you want to control spring weeds along with seed we would recommend using our Safer Play Lawn Food With Crabgrass Preventer.

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