Tox-Free System

The gold standard for growing without registered pesticides. Please see below the products that you should currently be using based upon time of year and weather.

Weed Prevention and Lawn Food

Overview: Weed Prevention and Lawn Food is a non-manure based, biosolid-free fertilizer that contains no harsh ingredients. With an effective formula and no restrictions on re-entry time after application, Weed Prevention and Lawn Food is revolutionizing the way Turf Managers fertilize and control crabgrass in cool and warm-season grasses.

The product can be used in conjunction with new seeding.

Not available in all states. See the list of eligible states below.

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Weed Shield & Fiesta (1 Gallon of Each)

Fiesta kills and slows the regrowth of weeds, without harming grass and without harsh ingredients. Fiesta is a patented formulation made from iron that will produce visible results within 24 hours. Fiesta will kill weeds but not harm grass. Weed Shield kills and prevents weeds from forming, without harming grass and without harsh ingredients. Weed Shield contains a Botanical Oil Blend that the EPA has exempted from being registered as a pesticide. The selective formulation will begin to show visible results in two weeks. When Fiesta is paired with Weed Shield we are able to combine the speed of Fiesta with the ability to prevent regrowth of Weed Shield.

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