Entourage With Fertilizer - Covers 12,500 Square Feet

Entourage With Fertilizer - Covers 12,500 Square Feet


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Overview: Fertilizer blend that provides summer long feeding as well as season long protection against both surface feeding insects such as ticks and chinch bugs and subsurface insects such as grubs.

Program/Solution: SynaTek Lawn Care Program

Safety Profile: Synthetic fertilizer blend with EPA Registered Insecticide

Application Type: Granular Blanket Application

Performance: Entourage with Fertilizer features 100% PCR (Plant Controlled Release) which provides summer long feeding.  Entourage with Fertilizer provides protection against a wide variety of insects including Annual Bluegrass Weevil (ABW), Chich Bugs, Cutworms, Billbugs, Fire Ants, sod Webworms, Mole Crickets and a variety of grub species.

When To Apply: Apply between June 15th and July 15th

Rates: Apply at a rate of four pounds per thousand square feet.  For best results, use a Chapin 8200A Granular Spreader set at 11.

Shipping: $14.95 shipping.  Free in-store pick up available.  Ships within two business days.

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