Branch Creek Organics Paleo - 1 Gallon
Branch Creek Organics Paleo - 1 Gallon

Branch Creek Organics Paleo - 1 Gallon

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Paleo is a blend of Humic, Fulvic and Ulmic acid that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix which includes a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids.

OMRI listed for use in USDA certified agricultural production.

Not available in all states.  See list of eligible states below.

How To use:

Turf (Residential & Commercial) - Initial application of 3 ounces per thousand square feet.  For maintenance apply 3 ounces per thousand square feet every two weeks.

Turf (Golf) - Apply 1 gallon per acre every month.  If incorporated as part of a spray program apply 64 ounces every two weeks.

Agriculture - Follow application instructions based upon the specific crop.


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