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Kill Weeds, Kill Worry

with the certified organic alternative to Roundup®


Fighting weeds shouldn’t cost you your health. Apply certified organic, non-selective PrizeFighter™ to unwanted growth and watch weeds wither in as little as 15 minutes.

Professional Grade DIY Lawn Care Solutions

SynaTek Program

A traditional lawn program that uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to achieve results superior to the box store at lower prices. The SynaTek program keeps an eye towards the safety of people, pets and the planet by including several products from the Branch Creek Transitional System.

Branch Creek Transitional

Not quite organic-ready (or not sure you’ll ever be)? The Branch Creek Transitional System drastically reduces yards’ toxicity, driving soil health and cosmetic appeal by using a mixture of Branch Creek safest-in-category synthetics. Transitional provides safer lawns in reach and in budget.

Branch Creek System

The gold standard for people, pets and the planet. All products meet the USDA standards for certified organic (the same standards met by the organic section at your grocery store) or are so safe, they don’t have to be registered as pesticides with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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